Tuesday, February 21, 2006

journal art

Simply put, I am inspired by the ability to record a subject or event on paper, in a book, with as much interpretation as humanly possible. But each time my journal is opened, my pen does not begin with an interpretation of form or a study in gesture; it all starts with writing, with words, simple typographic forms, and builds from there. My journal art: an extension of writing that includes more visually expressive elements.

So what qualifies as “journal art”? I use three criteria to make that decision:

-it must be done in a “spread” format; that is to say, there must be some reference to binding and facing pages.
-it must use at least two artistic disciplines, one of which must be writing.
-it must be made by hand (the only exceptions being the inclusion of found objects or photography)

(note: one piece that I’ve included, “Kramer Books”, does not meet the first criteria; I’ve still included the piece since it retains a lot of qualities that I enjoy about journals; just until I finish new work.)

Although fine art, these ideas and treatments are just another form of writing, in my mind. But being a trained visual artist, I cannot resist the temptation to draw or paint in some way; I figure, why not merge my interests in a way that makes sense.

{I'd also like to "draw" prose and poetry; no major illustrative elements, just hand-drawn letters, sentences, etc that convey the subject in a manner other than printed or digital type. I may also look into letters through photography, which has a whole other set of possibilities associated with it.}

So enjoy my off-the-cuff handmade narratives; new work will be posted soon!"

the "journal pages":

-coffee and Seattle
-kramer books

...more work coming soon...

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