Saturday, March 29, 2008

the beauty of a manmade rainforest

These plants and window were actually very easy to overlook...

{...the entire exhibit is essentially a manmade rainforest within a giant room; there were not only trees, water and plant life but several birds either seated on branches or flying around. The point is, with all the squawking/rustling/humidity, you could easily miss something as generic as a window.}

subject: plants, flowers, and window
location: National Zoo (Washington DC)

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

restrained, caged, and otherwise hidden

When I saw this decoration locked up in a "cage" (in reality, it was under a deck/walkway in front of a commercial building), I couldn't believe it. As a photographer that shoots candids, I was glad that I found this before the season ended.

subject: Christmas decorations
location: Occoquan, VA

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Monday, March 24, 2008

coincidental polaroid...

So I shot this polaroid of a low clearance sign. What I thought was interesting was the fact that it was attached to the edge of the roof of a small building that resembled a residential structure. Within a couple of days after taking the photograph I encountered a few things that related to height...

"...I found out I'm actually 5' 11 3/4" tall, not 6' 3/4" as I'd previously thought, I read a header in YahooNews that referenced the world's tallest man, &...(ok, there was a third tidbit of experience that I can't remember so I'll post it when I remember it)

This is not by any means a profound post. I just thought it was interesting how a few instances by themselves were insignificant but when combined, created an interesting connection.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008 old friend...

Ever since I began to experiment with polaroids and illustration, I've found myself drawing less and less. I couldn't figure it out since I'd spent the last year completely immersed in the discipline of drawing, committed to developing deliberately mature/seasoned fine art and illustration. But something just clicked a couple of weeks ago that has tormented me creatively ever since and I just figured out what it was. The handful of polaroids, shot a little over a month ago, revived my passion for photography in a way I didn't expect...

..."I don't know what it is about photography; I just relate to it in a way that is different than my views and approaches towards other mediums & disciplines...

For those of you that don't know, I used to be a fine art photographer. I've always shot digital and worked primarily with an 8"x10" format; here is a post I published a while ago that shows some of my work currently on display in a Washington DC eyeglass boutique. So, photography is definitely an old friend."

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