Tuesday, July 21, 2009

typographic paint

If you draw, paint, take pictures, or (insert your artistic discipline of choice here) then you understand what it means to work with specific media and materials. Before an artist is truly an artist, they are a student of their chosen discipline, learning the nuances of pens, markers, filters, handmade paper, etc. And that's what words are, to a writer that is. Typographic paint.

In order to help word artists develop their palettes, I'm adding a 'typographic paint' section that will feature a new word and definition every week.

Similar to the 'thoughts on materials' section, 'typographic paint' will display words that are interesting, words that can definitely kick a sentence up to the next level. No boring stuff here, all 100% caffeinated goodness.

Jot them down, commit them to memory, or ignore them. Just know they're here if you need them!

the paint:


...more words coming soon...

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