Friday, October 06, 2006

book review 10.06 - Windblown World

Over the past couple of weeks I read the book "Windblown World". It's essentially the journals of writer Jack Kerouac, composed and edited into one compilation by Douglas Brinkley. The journals cover Kerouac's day to day thoughts and activities while writing the books "The Town and the City" and "On The Road". It also covers Kerouac's many cross-country roadtrips as well as some of his personal insights into people, life, etc.

The book is an amazing read, Kerouac uses some of the most well constructed written descriptions imaginable that literally paint amazing pictures of what he saw or what he was going through at that time. I actually wrote down my favorite quotes in the back of the book and recorded the page number for future reference. Here's one quote I wrote down pertaining to art:

"An art dies when it describes itself instead of life-when it turns from the expression of man's feelings in the void, to a mere description of the void." Jack Kerouac, p.267

I recommend this book to any creative (artist, designer, photographer, etc) as another source of inspiration. There were times I couldn't put it down...there were also times I had to put it down because I couldn't figure out what he was trying to say! My get involved with it and the writing challenges you to figure "it" out. Check out Windblown World and see for yourself!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

new posts are on their way!!!

Sorry that my blog has been inactive for so long! I've been out of town and shooting a lot of photography, not to mention finishing up my recent quarter for my BFA in Graphic Design. Yes, I know I'm behind on posting the recent first place shots for PhotoFortnight...and yes, I know I haven't posted in Sugar Frosted Photos recently...and yes, I owe everyone some articles that I've talked about in months past.

But I'm here to say that all of those things, and much more, are coming soon!!! I'd like to say thanks to all of you who have been very patient and tolerated the lack of recent postings. I value everyone's comments to my various articles/postings and have truly appreciated comments made "off-blog", thank you to everyone for your continued support.

Again, more postings are coming soon!!!