Thursday, March 09, 2006

coffee & tea

Coffee and tea have rich history and great depth. They are not only functional on many levels but they have limitless potential when it comes to providing an experience to accompany their consumption. Since abstractLatte was inspired by bookstores and coffee shops, I thought it was appropriate to provide information on these fascinating products so that others can learn about them as well as enjoy them.

There are a few criteria that I use when deciding what shops and brands to include in the blog. While each product does not need to have all three in their brand experience, they do need to have at least one.


There are enough corporate coffee shops in the world. Not that there's anything wrong with corporate coffee, I'm just trying to provide interesting options and promote small business.

An interesting vibe

Cafes provide an experience beyond the taste of their product. From artwork to furniture, cafes communicate a way of thinking, possibly even telling a story in the process. And a cool vibe can provide an even more memorable experience...and may even inspire!

Humanitarian goals

There is nothing more admirable than helping people who need help. If a brand of coffee is being sold so that its income can help others in need, it deserves exposure.

the coffee + cafes

"The Coffee Bean"
110 S. King Street
Leesburg, VA 20175

features: living room environment, jars of fresh beans, and great location

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