Wednesday, March 28, 2007

running to catch up...

It's amazing how far behind certain things can get if you get extremely busy! The last few months have proven to be some of the busiest yet for me...I've been shooting a lot of new photography as well as working on some new facets to my studio work.

I recently got a commission for six pieces to be displayed in an eyeglass boutique in downtown Washington DC with more work to be provided as needed! It's a great opportunity since it's an open ended gig, not to mention a great location and a great client. Anyway, I've been working on those pieces (as well as framing and matting) but I'll post when the work is up and I have some photos of the work in the space! I have a couple of articles that I'm pretty excited about but I won't promise when they'll be posted...just kidding!...I should have them published within the next two weeks.

To sum up, I'm still around so continue to check back for new stuff!

PhotoFortnight first place photographs

Well, it's been a while but I'm finally starting to catch up!

Theme#33 "Street": First place photograph

Title: I Walk The Line
Description: A candid street shot of a man set against a backdrop of horizontal and vertical lines
Photographer: Jonathan Morton (mort)

Location: Dublin, Ireland
Date: February 18, 2007
Technical: Canon 400d, Canon 17-40L, ISO 200, F9, 1/80 sec, BW conversion using channel mixer, levels and unsharpen mask.

Theme#32 "Line": First place photograph

Title: Drawing the line
Photographer: Greg Barry
Location: Mayo
Date: February 15, 2007

Theme#31 "Car": First place photograph

Title: Worn out
Description: This gem was found in an arboretum in Arizona.
Photographer: Jenn
Location: Arizona
Date: January 13, 2007

Theme#30 "Holiday": First place photograph

Title: Night
Description: Lit by a full moon, the Caribbean Sea shows off its colours on my New Year's holiday in Cuba.
Photographer: Jeope Wolfe

Location: Playa Lindemar – Cayo Largo, Cuba
Date: January 3, 2006
Technical: Canon Digital Rebel, kit lens, ten-second exposure with time-value mode; levels, sharpening and dodging in Photoshop.

Theme#29 "Speed": First place photograph

Title: Carousel Gallop
Photographer: Christopher Teske
Location: Spokane, WA USA
Date: November 26, 2006
Technical: Nikon D70s w/ Sigma 14mm ultra-wide, .5 exp. @ 2.8 w/ rear-curtain flash, tweaked in PS