Friday, March 10, 2006

"The Coffee Bean"

name: "The Coffee Bean"
location: 110 S. King Street, Leesburg VA, 20175

tel: 703-777-9556
coffee orders: 1-800-BEAN-USA; no website available

This is one of my favorite coffee shops in Northern Virginia. Located in an old house in Old Town Leesburg VA, it is the kind of place you stumble upon once but frequently re-visit.

Never before have I seen such a wide variety of flavored drip coffees, which they ground for you while you wait. From pumpkin to chestnut to macadamia nut, the flavors are varied and never disappointing; feel free to open the various jars of beans to take in the powerful aromas. They also have a variety of syrups to accompany your espresso drink.

While you enjoy your tasty beverage, you can browse through their knick-knacks or lounge in the seating area..which looks more like a living room than a coffee shop. It's bright, entertaining, and comfortable and depending on what day your there, you'll probably notice the barista starting a conversation with a local regular. But if you don't feel like sitting down with your beverage, feel free to step outside and take a walk through the historic part of Leesburg; there are plenty of old buildings, interesting restaurants, art galleries, and other entertaining places.

I highly recommend visiting "The Coffee Bean" if you're in the area. A great product and environment truly come together for a fun and memorable experience!

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