Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Handmade, and generally inexpensive to produce, these small self-published books can cover any topic that your imagination can think of...from your daily gardening routines to drawings and pictures of your favorite signs to funny faces that your pet makes every week. There is no limit to the possibilities of their design; while some may choose to use paint and markers, others may photocopy their zines in black and white.

While it's true I've published a zine through abstractLatte before, and that I am working on a fresh version of that zine, I would like to make other zines around different concepts. Regardless of how easily they can be printed, zines require illustration, design, and production in addition to writing so they generally take longer to produce from concept to completion; check back periodically for updates!"

upcoming zines:

"ink snacks [bite sized-creativity], second edition"

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