Monday, July 31, 2006

"why design?"

Design, as with any career, can be a difficult job to deal can be very frustrating at times. Since roadblocks are the enemy of any creative, I ask myself "Why Design?" in order to take a step back and re-focus when things get tough.

Why do I design? Let me first define the area of design that I'm involved with. Graphic design is all about communication...communicating everything from a quick message to a more involved philosophy. In order to communicate, the work needs to be interesting both visually and conceptually and both need to support each other...along the lines of the phrase "form follows function", but with graphic design a more accurate phrase would be "form follows content". So why do I design? If you think my answer is as generic as "because I have to!", you're wrong. I create graphic design because I enjoy giving a creative visual and conceptual look to someone's idea. I love to take something that's intangible and invisible and help others to see it, to interact with it. I get inspired by a good idea and create good ideas that will inspire.

I think the fast pace world we live in forces too many to willingly and unwillingly jump on the fast track thus forgetting the way things were before they jumped on. In some ways, it's easy to forget why we started something when all we're worried about is the next job/client...and keeping the one we currently have. Regardless of what creative discipline you are involved with, it is important to remind yourself why you got involved so that you can stay involved.

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