Sunday, November 02, 2008


Maybe you're looking for that one element that will pull the whole project together, or maybe your project is missing something, that element of "je ne sais quoi". This resource, brought to you by The Design Bureau of Amerika, may be what you're looking for.

From the website (in regards to their Photoshop brushes)...

"The key to successfully using a Bureau brush set is not using the brush 'as is'. These brushes really start to shine when variables are applied to them. Try changing the size and mode of the brushes as well as using them with the burn,dodge and erase tools. What kind of result you get from these brush sets is solely dependant on how hard you are willing to make them workfor you."

I have used their brushes without disappointment (the distress on the abstractLatte logo is one example) and can vouch for the integrity of the studio's creative approach; these resources are backed by years of experience and limitless talent. Brushes, fonts, desktop wallpapers...there's a lot of creativity here so dive in, download, and help expand the creative horizon!

The Bureau Loves You -

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