Thursday, February 26, 2009

fifty-two {a study in words and their meanings}

I thought about publishing a new word and its definition every day but reality forced me to understand that won't happen, especially if I'm out of town. Then I thought about every week, which is when I realized that anyone could pick up a dictionary and look up a word anytime they wanted to, without ever having to read my word posts.

That's when it hit me...fifty-two {a study in words and their meanings} committment to a new word, and its definition, every couple of weeks. But instead of just typing the words and definitions, I'm going to draw them...or maybe use collage...and possibly found letters. Each handmade treatment will support the word's definition while providing a bit of contrast between digital type and a sense of humanity.

Each week a new image and hopefully, a new understanding of how letters communicate..

...{first word coming January 2010}

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