Monday, March 02, 2009

words and vehicles of R.E.M.

Prior to releasing their latest album, R.E.M. created a website around one song..."Supernatural Superserious". What they did was play this song live, with acoustic instruments, in various small format venues...and they recorded it.

This site documents those performances...

This is one of the best examples, that I'm aware of, of an artist conveying words through a powerful artistic vehicle (no pun intended...and you'll know what I mean after you browse through the site). To this day, this site inspires me; it is one reason that I became more committed to writing and zines (which I consider to be one of my biggest artistic vehicles for my words).

I encourage anyone who enjoys a powerful artistic experience, regardless of R.E.M. fan status, to view these videos. Who knows, maybe you'll be inspired.


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