Thursday, April 02, 2009

"caffeine talk"

After a long hiatus from serious drawing and fine art, I've completed a new piece.

title: "caffeine talk"
materials: pen, pencil, and paint on canvas
dimensions: 10"x8"


Paint was applied to the blank canvas, then I used a blank piece of heavy paper to distress the base coat. A sponge dipped into dark brown paint added the darker distressed accents.

The coffee cup and steam were cut from carving block and dipped into paint, then the forms were applied to the canvas. Miscellaneous specks of paint were added as accents. Pen and pencil were used to highlight certain aspects of the forms and to add the saucer (unfortunately, you can't see the pencil line that connects the saucer to the right edge of the canvas). The quotes were drawn and filled with paint


For some reason, the background isn't coming out as warm as it should be; granted, this is a photograph and not a scan. I'll try scanning it and post a new image if the results improve.

With my inspiration coming from narrative, I usually try to incorporate words or typography in each piece but with this one, I used the minimum amount of typographic elements (quotes). Not my usual approach but to add anything else would have deteriorated the composition. The coffee definitely adds a sense of conversation so I feel comfortable with the outcome.


dangerous dan said...

Really cool - you are talented

BODHI said...

very interesting name
and the work too :)