Tuesday, June 02, 2009

abstractLatte is GOOD

As a serious writer, I love crafting a bit of typographic goodness in response to my environment (don't necessarily think green, although I do think the green movement is kick ass). Over at GOOD Magazine's online community I contribute comments and articles, sometimes quick prose and other times a more involved ideas-to-words effort.

url: http://www.good.is/community/JoeBlend

For those of you who aren't familiar with GOOD Magazine, the publication is focused on great ideas and powerful thinking in a world that needs those things; their target audience...people that give a damn (their words, not mine). As a gesture of good will, and my way of helping you acheive a more well-rounded feel for their online content, I recommend one writer who has an entertaining and insightful way of communicating thoughts about the world and it's intricacies (http://www.good.is/series/wordliness). I've followed his blog for a while and it's worth the time.

Check out my words, read through the whole publication, or start your own profile in order to contribute your perspective. Regardless of your intentions, decide what's important to you, GOODmark it, or discuss it. Give a damn.

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