Wednesday, December 30, 2009

the Latte is back!

...I know, I know, no posts for months. Well, I needed a break. A long break. And, I felt as if the Latte needed to be recaffeinated, which wasn't an easy task. I also had to decide if it was time to move on or time to dig in.

At the end of this long and arduous thought process, I decided it was time to dig in and give the Latte a bit of an overhaul.

You'll probably notice a few the navigation, the portfolio, the content in general. I'm reworking the blog to focus more on my writing niches; I'm also trying to use it as a freelance portfolio without giving it a portfolio feel. I'll slowly add to the portfolio section over the next several days and I'll be deleting a few posts here and there, mostly older stuff, generally the stuff that deals exclusively with photography, painting, etc.

[edit, 1-06-10]

I'll also republish two articles since they truly reflect my style of creative writing and overall approach towards written interpretation. Why? I really want 2010 to be about creative writing. Period. No excessive updates, no art for art's sake. Everything will have a function within this blog space and creative environment.

While I have plans for fine art, they will focus on a journal style of fine art, not traditional photography, painting, etc; some of the more visual art based posts are a little too far from the style I have in mind. But fine art is a ways away so I'll post updates on that soon.

Well, that's about it. A small update to cover a large amount of time. My next post won't be until the new year and again, there will be small periodic adjustments to the blog. But, the important thing is that the espresso's been ground and the steamer warmed up. A fresh batch of caffeinated creativity is on it's way...seriously!

See you in the new year!"

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