Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a fresh snack

Snacks don't last forever. As a matter of fact, they are consumed rather quickly, enjoying a rather short existence before being replaced by something better, tastier, more enjoyable.

As with food snacks, "ink snacks" has enjoyed spurts of brief existence. But it's not gone; instead, a better, more enjoyable, more versatile snack is awaiting ziplock greatness. Since another bite-sized iteration is in the works, I thought I'd review the first two versions since it's the past that the present uses to improve the future.

Round 1: concept piece (never distributed)
dimensions: 5"x5"
images: upper-left: cover; upper-right: table of contents; lower-left, lower-right: sample spread

round 2: "ink snacks: bite-sized creativity", first edition, distributed through Etsy
dimensions: around 4"x4"
images: top: cover, folded; bottom: interior, unfolded

This version of the zine had one major flaw that happened to be one of its best features: it was handmade. The benefit was obvious in that it had a lot of imperfections and details that were the result of it being constructed entirely by hand (to include the stamped lettering on the cover). The flaw was that it took way too long to make one copy; after distributing six copies (four sold and two given away for promotion), I ceased further distribution, which I'm ok with because it only makes the existing zines more valuable.

Round 3: ?

While there will still be handmade elements, it will be in a format that can be easily reproduced through printing. It will also remain in a portable size although I can almost guarantee its dimensions will be larger than the above iterations; as with the last iteration, round 3 will be sold through Etsy.

Stay awake and don't ruin your creative appetite, a fresh "ink snacks" is in the works!"

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