Thursday, January 29, 2009

...get a FREE SNACK with your artwork!

edit: 02-10-09

The promotion ends Wednesday, February 11th 2009 at midnight! There's still time for artwork with a creative snack!

Each of the next 3 artwork purchases through my Etsy shop will receive a free "ink snacks"! The artwork consists of drawings, collage, and photography.

How is this possible?

I've reserved 5 of the 25 copies of the January 2009 edition of "ink snacks" for promotions, gifts, etc. Since I have four left, I decided to celebrate the distribution of this first "ink snacks" edition by giving away a few with artwork purchases. There will be no additional shipping charges for the extra item but standard shipping times still apply.

How do I make sure I'm one of the first 3?

Under "other items", you can click on the sales link which will show you how many items have been sold. If there's three separate artwork sales listed (not including "ink snacks"), then the promotion is no longer valid. I will do my best to announce, through Twitter, how many promotional purchases have been made. If you are interested in the promotion but are unsure as to whether it's over, send an email to info at abstractlatte dot com for clarification.

If I purchase 3 pieces of artwork in one transaction, do I get 3 zines?

Sorry, only one promotional opportunity per transaction.

How long will this officially last?

Two weeks or three artwork sales, whichever comes first.

Visit to view artwork and purchase information. Good luck, your creative snacks are ready for consumption!

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