Wednesday, January 28, 2009

a creation story

I believe in sharing experiences so that others who may be in a similiar situation can benefit from your mistakes/struggles/successes/etc. So in that spirit, I've decided to share my creation story...the message summarized in a few words, the journey to this understanding provided in detail for those interested...

the message creative, have perspective, and enjoy life.

the story

I got burned out in 2008. Not from taking on too many projects but from having too many choices. I'd spent years developing work in photography, drawing and illustration, and graphic design but as the months of 2008 passed, I was able to add technical writing and creative writing. Then came my interest in books. By the end of the year my plate wasn't full, it was overflowing with options for creative nourishment. I was confused, overwhelmed, and stressed. I felt like an amateur juggler, standing in the spotlight for hours, with someone off to the side throwing new objects into the mix at the exact moment I seem to regain control. Something had to change but I didn't know the "what" or the "how".

I decided to do more research and after learning how others managed to find their niche, along with writing a lot of my own thoughts on paper, I came to a few conclusions:

-I enjoy handmade/hands-on work
-I have a lot of interests and ideas
-I love books, magazines, bookstores, coffee shops, and am fascinated with their associated cultures
-Interaction and experience are fascinating

While it seemed like a simple decision, it wasn't until recently that I decided to make the leap of faith towards what my gut instincts were telling me over the last 8 months. I'd read about designers taking what they're interested in the most and making it a career focus; I'd seen the websites of creative individuals that made the same leap I was about to make. Things became clear.

art house + creativity cafe

My decision was to take my love of books, art, bookstores, and coffee shops and mold them into my own personal endeavor that could utilize all of my abilities and interests in a clear, manageable, and functional way.

Instead of allowing my interests to intimidate me, I decided to embrace them. I realized that I was taking things way too seriously and was losing perspective in the process. And the perfect vehicle for this fresh creative journey was right in front of my face for the last three years...abstractLatte. What started as a casual blog ultimately became a foundation for something bigger and more rewarding. It was liberating; like taking that first full breath after quitting smoking or like making that last payment that gets your credit card balance to zero.

I've finally found my niche, now it's time to enjoy it.

I hope my creation story can help those that have a passion in life but are unsure about how, or if, they should approach their idea. Use my story as inspiration to sit down and write out your ideas or talk about them with a trusted friend. But remember that when money/income are involved, extra care and attention are needed...translation/disclaimer: I'm NOT telling everyone to quit their job and start fulfilling their dream! What I am saying is don't be afraid to think about your dream/passion, don't hesitate to plan for its future, and most important...embrace it.


Lynn said...

What a lovely, inspiring story. Thank you for sharing it. Oh, and your blog design is beautiful!

Randy Hill said...

That is so close to my experience that I could have written it. I too have had way too many interests and have decided to pare things down to what I really enjoy (while keeping my day job for now).

Just because I'm interested in a 1,000 things doesn't mean I have to do all of them! Find what really makes you excited...your passion, and do that. Passions change over the years too, I might add. Great post, thanks.

abstractLatte said...

Thanks. Lynn, glad to hear you were inspired! Randy, glad to hear you were able to manage your abilities and interests as well. Keep up the outstanding work with found objects/assemblage.