Friday, February 13, 2009

a fresh update...

I realized that I don't have the time to write/design/publish more zines if I'm too busy trying to create new artwork. And I really want more time to develop my approach towards zines; I think zines have limitless capabilities if given time and creativity. So I'm making a commitment to not create any new artwork, for a while at least.

What? No artwork? What happened to "books, art, and conversation"? Don't worry, I haven't given up on artwork and I will not stop displaying and selling the work that is already contained in this blog and the Etsy shop. What I've decided to do is let my zine projects create the art instead of having the two efforts be independent of each other. For example, if I write a zine about old buildings, I might pull one or two photographs from the project to sell independently; or, if I write a zine about graffiti, I might pull a couple of accent drawings that I created and sell them as independent pieces of art. I'm also considering selling each zine as a other words, with their purchase you get the zine as well as a piece of artwork from the zine. Of course, this will bump up the price but I think it would be a nice added value...especially if a customer could select the art that they wanted.

Call it an update, a public commitment to create more zines, or a sneak preview. At the very least, I want readers to understand why I haven't added any new artwork to the "books & art" section as well as the Etsy shop. It's important for me to balance, refresh, and refine the "books, art, and conversation" because these are the ingredients that created abstractLatte. And strong ingredients will create a good cup of creativity.

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