Friday, April 17, 2009

a human voice

This is a poster that I designed for the American Red Cross, it promotes their Safe and Well program. What follows is a detailed description of my creative approach.

concept: "a human voice"

background: The Safe and Well program gives disaster victims the opportunity to register on the program's website and select one or more phrases that can be displayed online, letting loved ones know they are ok. These messages can be accessed by loved ones outside the affected areas based on the disaster victim's name and pre-disaster address.

approach: What I wanted to convey was the idea that this website can give a voice, that's surrounded by chaos and confusion, the ability to communicate to others outside the affected areas. I wanted the idea of communication to be emphasized, with hints at speech but the overall focus being on the actual act of communicating.

materials: The typography and abstract/human forms were drawn by hand. The dialogue bubble was cut from paper; the background is scanned packing paper. All the handmade elements were scanned and composed in Photoshop, with the red/black/green as well as the distressed features added in the computer.


I decided to post the design that was submitted; although I liked the revision better, it needs a few more adjustments in order to allow the revised copy to function more effectively.


kmonk said...

Really cool project and a fitting style for the execution. The hand drawn elements really under score the message of human connection and communication.

Well played, sir. Well played.


abstractLatte said...

Thanks. It was an interesting project to work on; this poster is actually the second poster I designed for this program and my favorite of the two.