Monday, April 20, 2009


This is a newsletter that I designed for the American Red Cross; it was a monthly publication called "The Coffee Break". Again, the creative approach:

concept: "Travel" (July 2008 edition)

background: The newsletter was created to develop a sense of community between local American Red Cross chapters scattered throughout the continental United States. Each month, the newsletter would take on a new concept; these concepts related to a circumstance associated with that month (ex. current events for the organization, seasons, etc).

approach: Since this issue was July 2008, I wanted to emphasize the freedom of summer. A postcard seemed to be the perfect icon of travel but since photography is used extensively within the American Red Cross, I created a custom illustration that mimicked the rather busy nature of some postcard images. All of the headers, to include the newsletter title, were created using handwriting to emphasize the personal nature of postcards; on the back, there was space for staff and volunteers to jot down comments about their own personal travel and vacation moments.

materials: The headers, newsletter title, quotation marks, and illustration were drawn by hand and scanned; in Photoshop, color and composition were added. The stamp, postcard details, and background texture were scanned and arranged in Photoshop.

(top: front, bottom: back)

Out of all the newsletters I created for the American Red Cross, I enjoyed creating this one the most. The design was an exciting process that merged concept, art, and message into a fun print piece.

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