Saturday, April 26, 2008

book review and author spotlight

Normally I post my review of a book and call it a day but in this case, I wanted to comment on both the book and its author.

[the book, above-left, copyright © 2003 Mark Haddon, book design by Maria Carella]

As an artist, I'm drawn to things that are visually interesting. Book design is one factor that I take into account when browsing through a bookstore; more often than not it's led to a great read. This book is no exception. It grabs you before you read the first page, the description on the back of the book is enough to send you scrambling for the check-out counter. Check out reviews and information here...

[the author, above-right]

I found it interesting that Mark Haddon not only writes but creates art; I found his notebooks to be inspirational...

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